Daemoness Crypt 7
I love seeing new Daemoness Guitars especially when it is an incredible custom guitar like this Daemoness Cimmerian Crypt 7 which has a level of detail you don’t see very often, just look at how Dylan incorporates the figure of the flame Maple into the design of the skull and wait until you see how he created the flies and maggots below.

Here are a couple of photos showing the initial graphics process.

Now it is time to add the flies, each one uses Abalone inlaid into the guitar with, wait for it, REAL FLY WINGS!

The maggots are each created using Mother of Pearl:

Bare Knuckle Pickups Aftermath Humbuckers

Ziricote fretboard with glow in the dark offset dots

Swamp Ash Body

The finished 7 string guitar!

Check out the Daemoness website – http://www.daemonessguitars.co.uk and make sure you check the video ‘Welcome to Daemoness Guitars‘ for a great studio tour and behind the scenes look at how each guitar is created from Dylan Humphries.