D. Allen Pickups BAZOOKA pedal
D. Allen Pickups have teamed up with boutique effects company, Lovepedal to create the Bazooka medium gain overdrive pedal.

The Bazooka has been designed to have very responsive dynamics and brown face fender type sag and mid-range while pushing into Marshall territory. The gain structure is chewy with a great tube rectifier sag. It pushes not just the mids but the highs and lows as well so it has a wide tonal influence that gives you smooth buttery mids without loss of the highs.

The three way switch gives you different voices of gain, in the upper most position will have the OD at its brightest setting, as you move down you will add more mids and lows but keep highs. The upper position is like switching from a 2×12 with the switch at the top, 1×12 in the middle and a closed back 4×12 on the bottom. You can really feel the low end push on the lower setting.

The Bazooka is available to purchase directly from Lovepedal for $199.92.