Collectible Guitar magazine
Collectible Guitar – Then and Now magazine focuses on both vintage and new boutique guitars, amps and effect pedals and debuted at NAMM this past January. The new publication is now available at fine music stores including all 258 Guitar Center retail outlets. As Bruce Adolph, President and Editor explained “our passion is all things guitar… from vintage to new, then and now.”

Aimed at anyone interested in learning more about guitars, Collectible Guitars –Then and Now strives to reach beyond expensive price tags and get into the history and personal stories behind the gear. The debut issue features a three page interview with guitar legend Vince Gill talking about a cherished Fender Tele, a Fender Strat, A Gibson ES-335 and three Martin acoustics that mean more to him than any price tag ever could. Additional segments will include product reviews, profiles on accomplished guitarists and luthiers, guitar shows, and historic guitars and how they impacted the world of modern music.

In addition to single newsstand copies at $5.95 USD, the magazine offers annual subscriptions of $19.95 for six issues directly at