I know what you are probably thinking, oh not another MIDI guitar like Roland, well I have played this prototype and let me tell you this is something very different. The setup you see above is a prototype guitar designed and built by Cilia Custom Guitars using Industrial Radio’s amazing technology to hook the guitar up via MIDI (it also has a regular output that can be combined or switched between) to a Muse Receptor that basically means you can load up whatever VST Plugin Synths you want. There is, as you can see, no latency as with other systems and every note and strike of the strings is captured perfectly, there is even a special pick that you can use that transmits data wirelessly.

The ability to use synths such as Native Instruments Absynth and combine it with their Session Strings is amazing, once I stopped trying to play a synth sound as a guitarist which only took a few minutes, I found myself creating music. I can’t wait to get hold of the finished product to record a demo video!

“The Fretsense system is a “non pitch to voltage system” that senses the frets as if they were virtual keys. It then transforms this information into a midi message that is authentic to the synth/virtual instrument being played and gives you a speed feel and dynamic response that not only allows you to compete but also do things that keyboardists could only dream about. The midi pick is used for accurate speed picking. It can also be used to improve trigger accuracy i.e In Pick mode only picked notes are triggered.”