by Pappy

Christmas rolls around with something resembling regularity and every year the guitar world is flooded with blog posts and catalogs offering gift ideas for guitarists.  The problem is that the gift ideas tend to sway toward the… cheap.  And novel.  And not particularly useful.

Look, I’m not blaming you for these gifts.  Guitars are strange things and guitarists are strange people.  We are obsessed with minutia and there’s all sorts of technical jargon and pieces in the guitar.  Every time I talk about the guitar without holding a guitar to demonstrate on, my wife’s eyes tend to glaze over.  She tries to keep up, but when I’m talking about what makes for good nuts or the difference in bridges and neck woods, etc. it’s easy to get lost.

With this in mind, it’s completely understandable that someone would open up a catalog, see guitars on an obnoxious hawaiian shirt and say “Hey!  A shirt!  My guitarist seems to enjoy being clothed, I bet they would LOVE an additional option to maintain that trend of non-nudity!”

I have an alternative proposal, though: Warmoth gift certificates.  For those not in the know, Warmoth is among the most popular companies to go to in order to design a semi-custom guitar that you can assemble yourself.  They offer almost all the options any guitarist could ask for in their instruments so your guitarist can be as picky and involved in the minutia as they want to be.  They can buy hardware, replacement parts, bodies, necks, or whole guitars and everything would be exactly what they want.


And if you can’t afford to give a large gift certificate and instead give one of, say, $25.00, you shouldn’t feel bad – every little bit helps and the gift certificates never expire.  So whether it’s giving others the idea to pitch in gift certificates of their own to your guitarist so they can make something truly awesome, giving them a head start on their own instrument savings, or just giving them something to hold on to until the next time they get a gift certificate, they’re sure to appreciate it, regardless of the amount.  It’s not a novelty or a toy or an obnoxious shirt, but a serious acknowledgement of what many of us would consider to be an identifying feature in our lives – something that makes us… us.

I know there are a lot of people that think gift certificates are too small physically or that they show no real thought about the person, and this may be completely accurate if your gift certificate was to Wal-Mart, Target, or some other large department store that has no central focus or specialty.  But getting a gift certificate from a shop that specializes in making things that your guitar player genuinely loves so they can buy exactly what they want?  What could show more thought than that?

If you’re interested in checking Warmoth out and looking at what they offer as far as services, products, and (of course) gift certificates, you can click HERE.