In my last post about my Custom 7 String guitar that Charles Cilia is currently building I showed you some photos of the rough neck shape and Rosewood fretboard being glued to the beautiful Big Leaf Maple ( Below are some photos of the neck being shaped and fretted!

Here is Charles Cilia shaping the neck:
Charles Cilia

And then some fine shaping:
Charles Cilia fine shaping

And the result is this magnificent specimen!

Add a little water to show how the figure will look once stained:

And here is a close up of the headstock:

And a front view, mmm tasty Madagascar Rosewood…

And finally the frets go in:

Here are a few shots of the finished neck before the finish is applied:
Charles Cilia CGA 7 Neck

Charles Cilia CGA 7 Neck

Charles Cilia CGA 7 Neck

Charles is also going to add a light stain to the Rosewood veneer on the headstock to match the colour of the fretboard.