catalinbread topanga spring reverb
Press Release
The Catalinbread Topanga Spring Reverb pedal is designed to reproduce the experience of the outboard tube reverb units made famous on countless recordings from the early ‘60s onward. Outboard tube reverb units are noted for being inspiring, dynamic, big feeling musical instruments unto themselves. The Topanga is the product of many years of listening and playing old units and months of fine tuning our creation to make sure that we captured every drippy attack, springy decay, and soaking wet nuance.

The Topanga’s small size, and a feature set that respects the original units make it a logical addition to any pedalboard. The only liberty taken as a departure from the original outboard units was the inclusion of a volume boost knob that permits players to punch through any band context. The Topanga is powered using a 9-18V negative ground DC power supply, is true bypass, and employs highest quality components to achieve the most gratifying musical experiences possible.

Available now: $195.00

Check out this demo from Josh Smith and Nick from Catalinbread: