catalinbread karma suture
Press Release
Announcing the release of the Catalinbread “Karma Suture” Pedal!

The Catalinbread Karma Suture pedal began its life inspired by the famous Harmonic Percolator. The idea was to make a drive pedal that generates predominantly even-order harmonic distortion that sustains while harmonics bubble up. The result is incredible note clarity at even the most extreme settings. As a result players can play complex chords where every note rings articulately! Musicians will employ the Karma Suture for applications ranging from harmonically sparkling boost, tight overdrive, to thick fuzz.

The Karma Suture is an inspiring addition to every musician’s rig who wants to enhance their horizons with new sounds and textures. The Karma Suture is powered using a 9V negative ground DC power supply or 9V battery, it is true bypass, and utilizes a NOS Russian PNP Germanium transistor paired with an NPN silicon transistor along with the highest quality components to achieve the most gratifying musical experiences possible.

Available now for: $169.99