Carbon have added stunning Zebrawood fretboards to their custom shop options and if they weren’t fancy enough for you how about Gold frets? Yes I know they aren’t in the photo above those are SS frets, sorry they didn’t supply me with a photo so just put a gold sweet wrapper over your own frets to see how that might look. Also before you get too excited they aren’t made of gold, they are gold coloured German-made Jescar EVO gold fretwire, which is a nickel-free copper alloy similar in color to 12k gold.

“…it will not turn brassy or show discoloration. It’s almost as hard as our stainless steel frets and has a glass-like feel, with a rating of HV 250 (+/-20) on the Vickers hardness scale it will hold up to years of playing.”

Carvin say, “Zebrawood has a very unique and high end look with its heavy dark streaking and pattern, it’s tonal qualities are similar to rosewood.”

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