budda bully
Budda® Amplification have just announced the shipping availability of the Bully™ guitar amplifier head. I seemed to have missed the announcement about this amp but I assume it was at Winter NAMM and I probably got distracted by the announcement of the Alex Skolnick Signature Budda Amp, the AS Preceptor. Here’s a bit of info from Budda about the Bully.

Press Release
Featuring Budda’s extensive array of features, the all-tube Bully head is a high-gain juggernaut that exceeds the demands of the world’s most serious players. The Budda Bully features 3 channels: clean, rhythm and lead, all with independent 3-band EQ, reverb control, effects loops with send and return levels, plus separate resonance and presence controls. With a 120-Watt power section driven by four EL-34 tubes, and a preamp consisting of seven dual triode 12AX7 tubes, the Bully also features dual 5U4 rectifier tubes and a solid-state rectifier. Budda’s patent-pending PowerPan™ variable rectification control allows players to open uncharted tone territory by selecting tube rectification, diode rectification or anywhere between the two.

The Budda Bully also features a ½ power switch for operating the amplifier in either ½ power or full power mode. Using the ½ power switch along with the PowerPan feature allows the output of the amp to vary between 25 and 120 Watts for amazing versatility. The Bully even contains a backup rectifier tube in case of tube failure.

Each channel also features a footswitchable lead boost called OVER-BOOST™ that is 100% tube driven. The back panel features an amplifier chain section with a power-amp in/preamp-out jack and a slave output, impedance selector and MIDI in/through for use in professional MIDI switching rigs. The rugged Bully can withstand years of hard touring with its high-quality and built-for-the-road construction.

Check out the Budda Amplification Bully product page for more information.