Bourgeois Aged Tone Series
Press Release
Bourgeois Guitars announces the addition of the Aged Tone™ Series to its line of premium acoustic guitars. Aged Tone™ guitars feature characteristics of both new and vintage guitars, combining classic appointments and Bourgeois’ unique voicing with innovative Aged Tone™ Adirondack tops and Aged Tone™ Finish.

The Aged Tone™ tops are cured by a unique process known commercially as “thermo curing”, “wood torrefaction” or “roasting”. Resembling wood that has been air dried for many decades, tops treated by this process are notably lighter, more stable, and exhibit increased stiffness-to-weight ratio and velocity of sound.

Aged Tone™ finish began as an effort to reproduce the sonic and aesthetic qualities of well-cured nitro lacquer and French polished spirit varnish. After several years of experimentation, Dana developed a light but durable finish that features the low damping, low glare characteristics of a vintage finish, while offering superior protection.

Bourgeois reports that Aged Tone™ models develop a big, dry, immediate sound with very little break-in. The small, Maine based company believes that the mature voice and roadworthy stability of its new line will appeal to roots players, as well as to players of other genres.

Dana Bourgeois says, “An Aged Tone guitar isn’t a substitute for a great vintage instrument, nor will it make people stop playing new guitars with untreated tops. It’s entirely new, yet partially old, totally different and overwhelmingly musical. I can’t wait to hear what different players do with these guitars!”

Six models in the Aged Tone™ Series are designed with an historic sensibility. All feature premium tonewoods, Adirondack braces, hide glue construction and traditional-style bridges, inlays, pickguards and bindings. Naturally darkened Aged Tone™ Adirondack tops complete the vintage vibe. Aged Tone™ guitars are hand -crafted in Bourgeois’ Lewiston, Maine workshop. List Prices start at $5995.