Boss Virtual Pedal Board 2
I had no idea there was a Boss Virtual Pedal Board 1 but version 2 is certainly a killer idea! This microsite allows you to pick from 7 music styles from Rock to Acoustic to Country or you can choose Twin Pedals or Bass Pedals. As you can see from above I chose the Rock Style, as with the other Styles you have 4 pedals on the Virtual board and you can swap the overdrive/distortion pedal which in this case you have the choice of a DS-1 (Distortion), OS-2 (Overdrive/Distortion) and an MD-2 (Mega Distortion). Once you swap the pedal the audio example is reloaded with the new sound so you can hear the difference between the pedals, what is also cool is that as you switch on the delay, flanger and chorus the audio instantly updates with the effect added, you can turn them on and off as you please to hear the different sounds possible.

The Twins available to preview are the DD-20 Giga Delay, the CE-20 Chorus Ensemble, the RT-20 Rotary Ensemble and the OD-20 Drive Zone. Again with the twins the only effect you can change is the Overdrive and this time, from what I can gather it is using different presets.

If you prefer to hear a rhythm track than a lead audio example you can select Rhythm from the drop down and a new audio example is loaded with your selection of pedals applied. This is a nice way to get an idea of how some of Boss’ stomp boxes can sound but obviously this is not a totally accurate way of testing effects pedals. It is good enough to give you a shortlist to go and try out at your local store though which is more than most Effects manufacturers have on their sites.