Bendetto 35th Anniversary
Robert Benedetto is widely acknowledged as today’s foremost maker of archtop guitars. Since building his first archtop back in 1968 he has personally handcrafted nearly 800 instruments, including 500 archtops! Robert has created 2 different series of guitars the ‘Professional series’ which include chambered and hollowbody electrics as well as 2 archtops and the ‘Flagship series’ which are all archtops. Aside from these guitars Robert has also created 2 one of a kind guitars, the first called ‘The Vinodetto‘ was commisioned by Dave Miner of Miner Wines. The guitar has a spruce top but the maple sides and back are stained with a Miner WInes Cabernet Sauvignon. The other one off creation is the 35th Anniversary guitar pictured left which was custom made for Ratthakrai Sirisook to celebrate Benedetto’s 35 years as an acoustic archtop guitarmaker at the time of its commission in 2003.

This exquisite guitar, completed in January, 2006, was hand- crafted from the finest, naturally aged tonewoods the world has to offer. Graced with original appointments including custom floral sound openings, elegant abalone inlays and a 14K gold inlay at the 12th fret, it represents the epitome of tonal balance, ease of playing and tasteful detailing for which Benedetto is renowned.

I’d like to know how much Ratthakrai paid for this amazing instrument!