Normally when I post about a crowd funding project it is in the hope that some of you will find it interesting enough to help get the project into full production but with 49 days left at the time of writing BeatBuddy has already passed it’s goal of $75,000! An impressive achievement and proof that this concept is a viable product.

The idea of BeatBuddy is for solo gigs (busking, open mic etc.) or just for fun jamming. It is super easy to control:

1.Press pedal to start beat
2. Press again to add a fill. Different fills are played each time to create a live drummer sound
3. Hold pedal down to begin transition beat
4. Release pedal to end transition and go to next song part (e.g. verse to chorus)
5. Use footswitch to add accent hits. Accent hits are customized to the song part (e.g. hand claps for verse, cymbal crashes for chorus)
6. Press pedal twice to stop beat with ending fill (or 3 times to stop immediately)

BeatBuddy is completely customisable with included computer interface software that lets you load your own beats and drum sets, use standard MIDI and WAV files and add additional song parts (verse, chorus, bridge, fills etc.). You will also be able to share beats and drum sets on the user forum and download free and premium packages from the website.

Watch the video above for an in-depth view of the product, definitely looks like a lot of fun!