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Carl Martin Andy Timmons Signature Compressor/Limiter

andy timmons compressor
Carl Martin have announced a collaboration with Andy Timmons to create a signature Compressor/Limiter pedal.

“Andy Timmons suggested to Carl to create a Compressor/Limiter with two presets, so that he had a preset for more subtle rhythm parts, and a …

Share Riffs & Ideas With Tabd for iPhone

Tabd is a new mobile app coming to the iPhone next month that provides guitarists with an easy way to TAB riffs and ideas, include a short audio recording (which you can crop) and then share with other musicians. This …

PRS Add 2 New Models: SE Custom 22 & SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow

prs se custom 22 semi hollow
PRS have yet again extended their affordable SE series of guitars with the new SE Custom 22 and SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow which looks very tantalising. I’ve always been a fan of the kind of tones and feel you get …

Limited Edition Joe Bonamassa MXR FET Driver

joe bonamassa MXR FET Driver
MXR have announced a limited edition version of the Joe Bonamassa FET Driver available in Pelham Blue and only 300 will be produced and it will be an exclusive to the Joe Bonamassa online store,

Joe Bonamassa uses …

Gumtree’s Ultimate Guide To Buying A Guitar

I was recently asked if I wanted to contribute toward a post on Gumtree’s site to help people who are considering buying a guitar on Gumtree. The article is called The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Guitar and includes advice …