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Aalberg Audio Announce 2 New Wireless Controlled Pedals

Back in August last year I posted about a new innovative pedal company called Aalberg Audio who have created a delay pedal called EKKO which is controlled by a wireless remote, AERO. This pedal was a crowdfunding success and the …

Gibson Eden of Coronet SG – Ugly, $2,000,000 Guitar

gibson eden of coronet
Just when you think you’ve seen the ugliest guitar of the year, the Fender Custom Shop Pine Cone Stratocaster, Gibson go one better and create the Gibson Eden of Coronet SG. This guitar is a collaboration between jewellery …

Tony MacAlpine – Concrete Gardens, Pre-order available

concrete gardens
Tony MacAlpine is set to release his new album ‘Concrete Gardens‘ will be released on April 21st and is available for pre-order in Digital Download, Standard Edition CD, and Special Edition CD/DVD versions at

You can check …

DV Mark Multiamp FG – Frank Gambale Signature Amp

DV Mark Multiamp FG
There’s not a lot of info on the DV Mark website about the special edition Multiamp FG other than that the tones of Frank Gambale’s signature amp called Ampli-tude are now added to the virtual amps, effects, features and programmability …

Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone Phaser Reissue Pedal

Electro-Harmonix have re-issued their classic Bad Stone Phaser, the first six-stage phaser with an adjustable feedback control and a manual mode that actually lets you freeze the phase sweep. The new version of the pedal comes in a compact pedal …