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Jon’s Top 5 Influential Guitarists

When Pappy asked me to contribute my top 5 influential guitarists I had to think hard about who had really influenced me at different points over the years rather than just picking the first 5 guitarists that inspired me as …

Guitar Power Episode 1 featuring Tosin Abasi

Presented by D’Addario and Rolling Stone Young Guns, Guitar Power is a new series hosted by Matt Sweeney. In each episode, Matt will sit and chat with an up-and-coming guitarist to discuss their influences, technique, gear, and approach. In Episode …

Roeller’s Custom Guitars – The Crusader

Roeller Crusader
Roeller’s Custom Guitars recently completed this guitar called the “Crusader” (for obvious reasons). The guitar started out life as a Schecter 7 String which Brett Roeller carved, hand painted and refinished.


For more info on Roeller’s Custom Guitars check out …

Andreas Varady, Teenage Jazz Virtuoso – Mind Blown

A few minutes ago Joe Bonamassa posted the following tweet:

Riffstation Announce New Web App for YouTube Videos

riffstation web app
Riffstation have just announced a beta release of a new web based app that you can use with any YouTube video and analyse the chord progressions in realtime. Now don’t expect this app to magically tab out your favourite riffs, …