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Little Red Riding Hood Carved Guitar

I’ve featured a few of Gig’s carved guitars over the years, I like how he always has a theme for each guitar, in this case Little Red Riding Hood. The guitar is a Warmoth mahogany Strat body with an oil …

Rory Gallagher’s Patrick Eggle Berlin sells for $42,000

I have a Patrick Eggle Berlin, I wish Rory had played mine because this limited edition Patrick Eggle Berlin Legend just sold at auction for $42,000! Gallagher’s guitar was number 30 of a limited edition of 150 JS Berlin Legend …

ENGL Amp Models added to Amplitube Custom Shop

Although there has been an unofficial ENGL Powerball called the German Gain model in the IK Multimedia Amplitube Custom Shop for some time it is now an officially licensed ENGL Model along with the ES650 which can create classic rock …

Source Audio SoundBlox Hub v1 – MIDI Interface/Port Expander/Multi-Pedal Scene Saver

soundblox hub v1
Source Audio, creators of the award-winning Soundblox® line of guitar and bass effects pedals and the Hot Hand® 3 Wireless Effects Controller, have released the Soundblox Hub v1: MIDI Interface / Port Expander / Multi-Pedal Scene Saver. The …

Seymour Duncan Release Black Winter 7 & 8 String Versions

blackwinter 7 & 8 string

The Black Winter was originally created for the extreme metal players of Scandinavia who were looking for more aggression without sacrificing definition and clarity. After consistently being asked to make this pickup available for extended range guitars, Seymour Duncan is