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Mark Holcomb of Periphery Australian PRS Clinics Announced

mark holcomb
Well this is a bit exciting, except if you are a Periphery fan and happen to live outside of Brisbane and Sydney… sorry. Mark Holcomb recently announced a signature PRS Custom 24 7 string Guitar which is very tasty and …

Positive Grid Announces BIAS Distortion Beta Program

BIAS Distortion
Positive Grid recently released BIAS FX which is the perfect compliment to BIAS Amp as it contains a plethora of perfectly modelled stomp and rack effects to use for recording or performing. In true Positive Grid style they have taken …

Fractal Audio AX8 Amp Modelling Floor Unit Imminent

The L.A. Amp Show last weekend saw the debut of the much anticipated Fractal Audio AX8 which is the floor unit version of their flagship Axe-Fx product and follows in the footsteps of the multi effect Fractal floor unit FX8

EVH 5150 III LBX vs Peavey 6505 Mini Head

The EVH 5150 III has been immensely popular among Eddie Van Halen fans as well as Metal fans who have been using the 5150 since the Peavey days. Not too long ago EVH Gear (Fender) released smaller 50 Watt 5150 …

Orange Amplification Creates The Orange Micro Dark By Popular Demand

Orange Micro Dark
Orange Amplification have responded to thousands of requests and created the Orange Micro Dark Amplifier. The miniature valve/solid-state hybrid head joins the high gain Dark Terror and Dual Dark amps with their distinctive black appearance and sports a single 12AX7 …