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Cilia Guitars Custom Halo Build Diary – Part 1

As my new Cilia Guitars is nearing completion it is time for me to start a build diary so that I can share the build process with you. As you probably know I already own a custom Cilia Guitars CGA …

Kirk Hammett Signature Overdrive Pedal – KHDK Ghoul Screamer

KHDK ghoul screamer
The Ghoul Screamer is the new signature Overdrive pedal for Metallica’s Kirk Hammett who, up until now has only ever had a signature Wah pedal from Dunlop (some of you may think that is more fitting!). I’m not sure what …

Two New PRS Baritone SE Guitars for 2016, SE 277 & SE 277 Semi Hollow Soapbar

PRS have announced a couple of Baritone guitars to add to the SE range for 2016 which will no doubt be on display at Winter NAMM 2016 this January, the SE 277 and SE 277 Semi Hollow Soapbar.

So …

Tosin Abasi Demonstrates His New Ibanez TAM Prototype

ibanez tam protoype
Well, well, what do we have here? It appears that 8 string guitar virtuoso, Animals As Leaders founder, Tosin Abasi is working with Ibanez on a new signature TAM model and these sneak peek videos are just a couple of …

Emerald Guitars Tibetan 9 String Composite Guitar

Emerald Guitars Tibetan 9 string
I have featured a few Emerald Guitars creations on Guitar Noize over the years and they often have an interesting story behind them, this Tibetan painted composite acoustic guitar is no exception, in fact this guitar’s story is exceptional. Alistair …