A few minutes ago Joe Bonamassa posted the following tweet:

Now you’ve probably watched the video above and thought, wow, this kid is really good. Well that particular video was recorded and uploaded in 2010 so Andreas is now 16, one can only imagine how incredible he must be as a guitar player and musician now. Oh wait a minute you don’t have to wonder too much because here is a video of Andreas performing “Quincology” with his trio, the Andreas Varady Trio, at the 47th Montreux Jazz Festival in 2013 (he was still 14 at the time). Quincy Jones introduces Andreas saying “I heard a rumour that he could play like George Benson when he was 10 years old”, he’s not kidding!

Andreas Varady was born on the 24th July 1997, he was born of Hungarian Gypsy descent and raised in a small town in Slovakia. Andreas first began to play the guitar at four years old, tutored by his father, Bandi and is influenced by and idolises George Benson. Varady, now 16, is actually managed by the legengary Quincy Jones and has played at Jazz festivals all over Europe and has performed with the likes of Frank Vignola, Andreas Oberg and Lee Ritenour. Andreas Varady released his first album ‘Questions’ in 2010, yep at the age of 12. His new self-titled album is currently available for pre-order via iTunes.

“…Andreas caught the interest of Bob Zievers, George Benson’s agent, who has signed on to work with the young guitarist. Along with Bob, Andreas simultaneously caught the eye of the famous record producer and music executive David Foster. In the fall of 2013, Foster signed Andreas to his record label, Verve records, which will be releasing his first mass distributed album on August 5, 2014. The new album recorded in January 2014 was executive produced by both Quincy Jones and David Foster, and produced by accomplished musicians and producers David Paich and Jay Oliver. In anticipation of Varady’s debut, four-songs from the album will be released as a digital-only EP called Come Together on June 17, 2014.”

For more info on Andreas Varady check out his website – http://www.andreasvarady.com/.