Russian electronics company AMT Electronics have been making waves recently with their SS Preamp pedals (check out this demo of the SS-20 from Brett Kingman) and also their compact power amplifiers such as the Stonehead (check out this great demo from Ola Englund). AMT have also been working on Solid State Tube replacements which we may see debut at MusikMesse and they have posted the above flyer on their Facebook page so this is sure to be one of the new products they will be showing off in Frankfurt next month, the AMT TPA-50 Satellite Tube Amplifier.

As you can see the amp looks very compact and is designed to work with external preamps such as their SS series for more tone shaping as their are only 4 controls visible on the front panel. The surprising thing is that despite being a “lunchbox” style amp it puts out a hefty 50 watts so load enough for pretty much any gig. I will try and get more information, it would be interesting to see if it has a low output option too.