Even if Acoustic Stream was just a wireless transmitter and app that helps you monitor the humidity of your acoustic guitar via a smartphone that would be pretty cool, but the Acoustic Stream also helps you to wirelessly tune your guitar via the app, record wirelessly to the app and the most impressive part, in my opinion, perform wirelessly via the app!

This device was created to solve the following problems:

  • I often lose my song ideas, because I don’t have an immediate, easy, mobile way to record them as electronic files.
  • I can’t perform without tethering myself to an amplifier.
  • I have no way to monitor my instrument’s environment remotely.
  • I sometimes forget to check the humidistat in my guitar case which puts my instrument at risk for damage.
  • I have too many devices to carry around and maintain.
  • The expense of multiple devices required to address all of my needs is just too high.

Watch the video above for more details on each of the Acoustic Stream’s 4 capabilities and if you like it get involved and back this campaign on Kickstarter by clicking on the widget below.