DOD Bifet BOOST 410
As I mentioned earlier today DOD effects have released a couple of new reissues (with modifications) for 2014, the first is the DOD 440 Envelope Filter and the second is the DOD 410 Bifet Boost. This true bypass pedal has offers independent Volume and Tone controls, this new version also includes a Buffer on/off toggle switch so that it can be used anywhere in your effects chain.

Use it first in the chain with the buffer off so that the buffer won’t affect fuzz pedals, or put it last in the chain with the buffer on to counter the signal loss of today’s larger packed pedalboards.

DOD say that the 410 “…is often described as a clean boost, but there is just a little hint of grit in there that works well with already cooking tube amps.” In fact there is up to 20db of boost on tap. Finally the 2014 reissue includes a 9V DC power supply input which was lacking on the original.

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